Workers Compensation

covimage2Protect one of your business’ most valuable assets by securing Workers Compensation insurance. With this insurance, your people are protected financially in the event of illnesses, diseases, injuries and disability incurred while at the workplace.

Workers Compensation Insurance pays for medical care and physical rehabilitation of injured workers and helps to replace lost wages while they are unable to work. It may also provide benefits for dependents of those workers who are killed because of work-related accidents or illnesses.

We are uniquely positioned to provide workers comp solutions by the unmatched financial strength and expertise of the markets available. Each of our carriers provides an area of expertise in their targeted industry.

Occupational Accident

covimage3As a compliment to your overall transportation insurance package, Rick Nay Insurance offers Occupational Accident insurance for independent Owner-Operators under long-term lease to trucking companies. This coverage provides truck drivers with the coverage they need to protect themselves and their families. Occupational Accident applies to accidental injuries that occur while under dispatch by a motor carrier.

Depending on the package, your policy may include job-related long-term exposure to hazardous substances that result in occupational diseases, and such emotional injuries as nervous breakdowns and even heart attacks.

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